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Eight Fun Facts About Western Dragons

Western Dragons typically are thought of as evil, fire-breathing beasts. Their reputation as evil may have been influenced by the demonization from the Church, and their fire-spewing capability. As promised, your eight easy ways to remember the Western Dragon: 1. Both Chinese Dragons and Western dragons usually live in water, especially oceans and rivers. Apep […]

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Roleplaying Dragons and Dragon Stories

The dragon is one of the most ancient and powerful symbols in the human imagination. You find stories being told about these wonderful beasts in almost every culture around the world. While the exact look and characteristics may vary, it’s fairly easy to tell a dragon when you’re looking at one. When roleplaying as a […]

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Dragon Stories: The Lindorm Prince

Centuries ago, in Sweden, a queen who was thought to be barren longed to conceive. So she consulted a soothsayer, who told her that within a year she would conceive two handsome sons, if she would but eat 2 fresh onions the moment she returned to the palace. Though an odd request, the queen was […]

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