Roleplaying Dragons and Dragon Stories

The dragon is one of the most ancient and powerful symbols in the human imagination. You find stories being told about these wonderful beasts in almost every culture around the world. While the exact look and characteristics may vary, it’s fairly easy to tell a dragon when you’re looking at one.

When roleplaying as a dragon you have to decide what kind of creature you are going to be. The two major types of dragon are the eastern, and the western style. In the west dragons have traditionally been associated with evil. It is said that Satan can take the form of a dragon, and dragons are the antagonists in most ancient stories told about them. In the East, dragons are considered much more benign, and often come bringing blessings and good luck. However in either culture, a dragon is a powerful and dangerous beast that should be respected by mortals.

There are a variety of colors that can be associated with dragons and these are often used to bestow certain personality traits or capabilities on the creature. For instance blue dragons are often said to be able to breathe out ice, and to love cold climates. In general these characteristics are arbitrary, and your own dragon character can have just about any capabilities that you can imagine.

One decision you do have to make is about the austerity and power of your dragon. Some dragons are ancient, or even immortal, and have so much wisdom and power that they generally withdraw from the affairs of mortals. Other dragons are less powerful, and like to amuse themselves by getting into fights, or hoarding treasures, or even going out on adventures.

Generally the more powerful your dragon, the less they should be involved in the affairs of the world. A super powerful being is actually a limiting factor in roleplaying. It is the inadequacies and the weaknesses of your character that will define who they are and how the struggle of life plays out.

One of the great things about taking on the role of a dragon is that you aren’t really limited by anything except your imagination. The traditional dragon may have green scales and breathe fire, but your dragon can be any color you want, and can have a wide variety of skills at their disposal. All you have to do is think them up.

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